Meet the Staff

Carla Campagna, CPA


Carla Campagna is a CPA and one of the founding Partners of Pinnacle Companies.  She has been recruiting Finance and Accounting professionals in the Washington Metro area since 1989. A native of Buffalo, New York Carla graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 1984 and began her Accounting career at Price Waterhouse - Buffalo, NY. She continued her auditing profession with Lafarge Corporation in Dallas, TX and was relocated to Washington, DC where she then began her career as a recruiter.

John M. Woodward, CPA


John Woodward, another founding Partner of Pinnacle Companies is a native of Washington, DC. After graduating from Virginia Tech, John worked in public Accounting with Beers and Cutler. John began his recruiting career in 1985. He became co-owner of the DC franchise of a National Recruiting Firm where he was consistently ranked among the top recruiters in the country.